Born out of respect for tradition, the Boromir family business has managed to offer Romanians both traditional and new products, starting from a small bakery accompanied by a flour mill. With a bakery, a mill, two, three, four… we have enlarged our family and managed to bring joy to every Romanian’s home, both in ROMANIA and abroad, through exceptional, innovative traditional products.

Boromir shares the joy!

Project details

Client: Boromir
Date of implementation: 2020
Field of activity: Production, Distribution
Company website: Boromir

Crosspoint implementation

Having a large variety of products and customers with certain special delivery requirements, the customized solution of the Point Logistix team met our requirements, and Point Logistix through the Crosspoint WMS software enabled an optimization of logistics flows and a better control of stocks.
The support of the Point Logistix team was continuous and the flexibility of the team allowed each implemented project to be a success.


Sales Director, Boromir

Project features

The implementation of the Crosspoint WMS solution within Boromir started at the beginning of 2020 by analyzing the remodeling of logistics processes. The increased accuracy required in the traceability of raw materials and production, required that in the following year 2021, it be implemented also in the warehouses in Buzău County.

Standard and advanced features enabled:

  • Production reporting, individual labeling and serialization of products sold externally;
  • Put-away by areas of goods types;
  • Order picking for managing volume orders;
  • Centralized preparation of orders for direct distribution;
  • Integration with factory production teaching mode;
  • Batch and expiration date item management;
  • Stock optimization: advanced put-away and replenishment criteria;
  • Packaging Management.