Boutique Mall is an online store with a generous offer of brands producing thousands of products.

“We appreciate our customers’ passion for quality shopping, so we have created the necessary steps for an ideal shopping experience”.

B-mall is the place for online shopping enthusiasts and those who love to have international brand products in their wardrobe.

Because it is tiring to search through stores and, often, very difficult to find what you want, in the Boutique Mall online clothing store you can find everything in one place with outlet prices, and a few minutes spent browsing the virtual racks can brings an outfit that will surely gain supremacy in your wardrobe.

Project details

Client: Boutique Mall
Date of implementation: 2020
Field of activity: Retail
Company website: Boutique Mall

Crosspoint implementation

The implementation of a WMS solution, within our company, was generated by the large volumes in the online area and the desire to implement the most effective optimization algorithms, both in the goods storage area and especially in the execution area of orders. We managed to automate our logistics processes, both in the supplier reception area, creation of new items, picking and returns.
I recommend the Point Logistix team for their professionalism and support during and post implementation.


CEO, Boutique Mall

Project features

The project within B-Mall addressed multiple challenges that the Fashion industry raises in the logistics segment. Crosspoint WMS functionalities specific to Boutique Mall logistics have been essential tools for setting flows based on best practices since the beginning of the project.

The benefits were immediate through the implementation of the functionalities within the project:

  • Item identification
  • Create new SKUs
  • Product serialization
  • Advanced Put Away Algorithms
  • Picking/packing single line
  • Picking/splitting/packing multi-line orders
  • Partial returns
  • Undelivered returns