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About the Company

Aramis Logistics Center is a delivery point that serves IKEA suppliers locally and regionally. He is a member of ARAMIS GROUP, an integrated chain of companies located in Baia Mare. The group coordinates the entire production process for a wide range of upholstered furniture, sofas and mattresses, from the stage of design and processing of the raw material to the quality control, storage and shipping.
Aramis Group has become one of the most important employers at regional level, with more than 4,500 employees.

Some of the project challenges

  • Short implementation time;
  • Implementation of the initial logistical structure (central warehouse including external rented warehouses) with high occupancy;
  • The need to analyze in parallel the flows from the new logistics center;
  • Integration of EDI client systems (OMS = Order Management System, TMS = transport management system) with the team involved in validating the solution from several geographical areas: Romania, Sweden, Turkey, India.;
  • Volume of orders constantly increasing;
  • Intense activity within the warehouses (24/6), without the possibility of an interruption in the initialization of the WMS system;
  • Increase the portfolio of articles by integrating the new customers of the logistics center.


The implementation of a WMS solution within Aramis Logistics came as a necessity following the increase of the complexity of the logistics processes by consolidating the goods of several companies with a varied portfolio of articles and atypical pallet dimensions.
The project had as go-live July 2013 in the structure of existing warehouses at that time. 100% coordination with the ERP solution used by the client ensured a smooth transition to the new system that coordinated the group’s logistics.
With the takeover of the OMS functionalities and the EDI integration of the main client, an upgrade took place which involved the integration of the transport planning and customer service departments in the Back-Office area. In addition to bringing all the processes in the group’s logistics within the Crosspoint solution, the transition from an asynchronous activity between the IT systems made available by the main Aramis client, to a fully integrated activity based on real-time validation of the stock and delivery order status was achieved.
The opening of the logistics center operated in Baia Mare by Aramis Logistics led to the expansion to 6 external suppliers who became customers of the logistics center. The WMS and OMS solution was first implemented in the factories of the 6 suppliers and expanded through live integration with the activity of the logistic center.

WMS Implementation

Testimonial Ulf Dofeldt
General Manager, Aramis Logistics

Warehouse Layout, KPIs, Workflows

Testimonial Ulf Dofeldt
General Manager, Aramis Logistics

Loading Optimization and Reporting

Testimonial Ulf Dofeldt
General Manager, Aramis Logistics

WMS Implementation, Integration and Support

Testimonial Radu Valean
IT Manager, Aramis Logistics

WMS Benefits

Testimonial Dan Birau
Deputy General Manager, Aramis Logistics

Features of the suite initially implemented:

  • Finished Goods reception
  • Transfer and tracking by means of transport Production – Logistics Warehouse
  • Customer order management
  • Delivery reports, invoice export communication
  • Storage location: Production, warehouse transfer, storage, in preparation
  • FIFO stock reserve allocation
  • User productivity reports
  • KPI
  • External hall inventory via asynchronous inventory mode
  • External hall replenishment
  • Block per reception (batch), Data Stamp, pallet
  • Volumetric pallet types
  • Traceability of specific stock parameters:
    • Production date;
    • SSCC pallet;
    • Type FSC;
    • Date Stamp
  • Customer returns
  • Checking before loading
  • Inventory per zone
  • Full traceability for all stock transactions

Features of the suite later implemented

EDI integration

    Messages exchanged throughout the flow allow the automation of:

  • Defining attributes size, weight items
  • Creating new destinations at warehouse level, cross-docking points or end customer stores
  • Creating orders
  • Approval of orders
  • Delivery date changes and integrated approval flow changes
  • Create transport requests
  • Confirmation of transport requests
  • Dispatch and invoicing messages
  • Confirmation of registration of invoices in customer financial system

Automatic transportation planning (3D)

The pallet and SKU dimensions are in detail maintained by the team that monitors the master data area in the system. Multiple palletizing for the same item is allowed. The solution generates optimal solutions in the loading area which led to a significant increase (15%) of the average truck loading volume. We take into account the weight on the axles of each type of truck, the delivery in sequences and overweight constraints (CDT = Capacity During Transport). The solution is forwarded to the loading team to ensure physical compliance with the planned loads.

Integration of multiple WMS, multiple ERP

Initially the solution was implemented for 2 supplier codes under the same company as a legal entity and with one ERP. Subsequently, 6 other external suppliers with different ERPs were integrated, all using the same solution in logistics.

Reception of scheduled trucks and Quality Inspections

The integration of the transport confirmation via EDI allowed the registration on mobile devices of all trucks both inbound and outbound, including the quality indicators of the truck. The solution allows the notification via SMS of the drivers registered at the time of assigning the corresponding status at the level of the ramp. Team loading process is accompanied by images captured from mobile devices as tasks are completed.


Both the invoice and the entire set of documents required for the carrier to each destination separately (within the EU or outside the EU, with special requirements for conformity declarations, etc.), are issued from the WMS system which further communicates via EDI with the final customer and with integrated ERP solutions.

Stock optimization through advanced put-away and picking algorithms

Put-away designed to maintain balanced loading of storage areas (mirroring in 4 areas)
Dynamic allocation of loading ramps based on optimal transfer path
Pre-loading area;

Dashboard and automatic production delivery

The integration of the solution of cameras that capture the codes on the pallets that are simultaneously delivered from production allowed the complete automation of the process of receiving and transfer from the production area in the logistic warehouse. The conveyor is loaded only after the WMS data validation of the recorded data according to the active production orders. The dashboard shows the real-time status of each order as well as the messages related to the automation solution integration.

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  • Stock Accuracy 99,9955% 99,9955%
  • On-time Delivery (OTD) 95% 95%
  • Increase Outbound Trucks Filling Rate 16% 16%
  • (Inventory time decreased by 80% 80%

Post-implementation results

We have always considered it a priority to maintain the quality of the delivered solutions and projects. We take this aspect of our work very seriously and devote important resources to fulfilling this goal
Aramis Logistics operate 3PL provider in an extremely competitive business with high demands from all our customer. Besides to be cost efficient we need to have a traceability on all movements/activities within the warehouse operation. We handle annually around 2,5 million pallets including inbound and outbound. With this amount of pallet movements, it has been critical to have a good system to support efficient pick, put away mission. Loading simulation to achieve the best possible filling rate on the trucks. Crosspoint WMS has been essential in our establishing of a highly efficient warehouse operation and I could highly recommend Crosspoint WMS system and team from Point Logistix which have been a good support during implementation and ongoing operation.
Ulf Dofeldt

General Manager, Aramis Logistics

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