The “Apulum” brand is the solid guarantee of quality porcelain, supported by the experience of over 40 years of existence,
brand whose credibility results from the main strengths of the company:

  • quality of raw materials;
  • modern technology provided;
  • staff structure;
  • the price-quality ratio perfectly adapted to customer requirements;
  • modern, dynamic, responsive management of changes in the internal and external business environment.

Founded in 1970 in the city of Alba Iulia, Apulum S.A. is the largest manufacturer of porcelain in Romania, with a diversified production: household and hotel porcelain, decorative objects, trinkets.

Project details

Client: Apulum
Implementation date: 2019
Field of activity: Production
Site: Apulum

Crosspoint Implementation


Project features:

The implementation of a WMS solution within Apulum came as a necessity due to the increasing complexity of the logistical processes by splitting the stocks between their own finished product warehouse and delivering customer groups through an external logistics center whose IT solution had to be integrated.
The main functionalities implemented include:

  • Customer order management
  • Transportation planning
  • Production delivery
  • Traceability of specific stock parameters:

    • Date of production
    • SSCC pallet
    • Type FSC
  • Integrating stock movements with the ERP solution used
  • Integrate EDI
  • Planned Truck Reception and Quality Inspections
  • Document Management
  • Billing