■ Crosspoint increases user productivity and optimizes logistics, production and IT processes.
■ Significant cost savings by eliminating excessive stock, reducing stockpiles and low-performing products;
■ Dramatically improving the use of storage space based on advanced put-away algorithms and storage;
■ Improved customer service;
■ Multiple intelligent picking algorithms – multiple landmarks collected due to interleaved collection and order consolidation capabilities;
■ The “shortest way” algorithm;
■ As a 100% paperless management system, Crosspoint enables significant paper consumption reduction, intermediate documents (picking, moving, etc.) can be stored electronically;
■ Crosspoint does not require radio connectivity servers (Wavelink or Telnet)!


■ Crosspoint is built as an integrated module system. One module can be modified without adversely affecting others.
■ Allows full customization per user for an unlimited number of users.
■ Enables advanced integration standards through appropriate connectivity systems.
■ Crosspoint provides a simplified communication between warehouse staff, managers and administrators.
■ Crosspoint has a user-friendly, intuitive and user-friendly interface designed to interact quickly and precisely.
■ Crosspoint allows specific access level within the same modules and multiple approval levels in the case of exceptions
■ Each transaction type has its own set rules allowing multiple flows to coexist at the warehouse and company level depending on the specific customer, vendor, owner.
■ Users can easily be reallocated to peak load areas


■ Crosspoint is designed to facilitate the management of multiple storage locations through centralized administration.
■ Fully customized warehouse management by defining parameters for each individual user;
■ Configured flow rules are immediately propagated to end users.
■ Users can print barcode labels for products, batches, stock containers, locations etc.
■ Specific nomenclatures in the suite can be maintained in the system (areas, users, resources, partners, fleet, logistics, carriers, equipment)
■ Nomenclatures taken through integration from related solutions can be enriched through new fields maintained at WMS
■ Printable forms, label templates, and specific codes can be handled
■ New reports created by key users can be enabled in the application and assigned to the user categories that require access


■ There are facilities for administrators to be alerted when there are errors or conflicts in the system.
■ Administrators can view error messages (email, phone, etc.) and interact with those targeted to resolve alerts.
■ Eliminate data entry errors and interfacing with other order picking systems or using the Crosspoint Web module;
■ Exceptions approved by users with assigned rights are reported to administrators
■ Quantities are adjusted in real time as operations are completed
■ Exceeding alert indicators is notified immediately
■ Incidents have a traceability of interstitials and assigned users
■ Administrators can schedule alerts to assigned users and alert frequency


■ Warehouse processes can be monitored in real-time, critical activities can be prioritized to prevent bottlenecks
■ Secure security policy and robust user rights
■ Real-time system operation allows continuous monitoring of warehouse operations, ensuring 100% accuracy, since users are not forced to perform unprofitable operations
■ We offer for an unlimited number of user profiles the possibility of monitoring warehouses, stock, documents, packaging and employees
■ Total stock transparency; the location of each landmark, including equipment in storage locations, is known at every moment
■ Proactively monitors stock parameters, locations, operators, and performance indicators.
■ Operation monitors give an immediate view of the execution status of the operations
■ For high complexity streams advanced modules such as Dashboards provide a compressed image at the management level


■ Crosspoint provides immediate access to the performance indicators set in the project.
■ Tracking key performance indicators to better analyze activity and decisions based on historical data and volume growth estimates.
■ Operational norms allow users to compare regardless of their rotation in operational processes.
■ The variation of the indicators pursued is analyzed in parallel with changes in new business lines.
■ New defined performance indicators can be reviewed retrospectively on the basis of the traceability information stored by Crosspoint
■ Indicators requiring data from multiple systems can be tracked through BI integration or consolidation (Business Intelligence)
■ The system can issue automatic alerts with predefined indicators


■ Do you want to know which is the best operator in the warehouse?
■ Do you want to know how Exchange 2 is doing in relation to Exchange 1?
■ Crosspoint through the analysis / reporting module provides this information!
■ Crosspoint also excels in comparative analysis.
■ Monthly deposit information is available in relation to the same month last year, the first day of the month as compared to the last one, and much more.
■ Specific documents requiring printing are integrated into the workflow: Notices, Declarations of Compliance, Invoices, Packing List, NIR, Borderou Transport.
■ Partner formats can be easily integrated: Purchase Request, Shipping Order, AWB


Increases employee efficiency


Increases process efficiency


Stock accuracy


Improves customer service

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  • Do you want to know, in real-time, the stock and the dynamics of the goods in the warehouse?
  • Do you want to make a medium and long-term supply plan by comparative analysis?
  • Do you want to reduce, and why not, eliminate losses?
  • Do you need real, objective information on which to base your decisions?
  • Do you want to know who’s the best operator?
  • Do you want to know what is the most productive exchange?
  • Do you want to know what stocks are the smallest?

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Fast return on investment

Investment recovery time is infinite compared to the impact Crosspoint has on the company. On average, we can talk about a 1-2 year damping period, very reasonable considering that such an application is implemented in the long run.


Advantages increase when, for example, savings are taken into account such as those obtained by reducing the volume of expired products at the warehouse level, using alerts on any promotions that a sales department can make.


Increasing the accuracy of the information made available to the management will reveal hidden costs that were previously not taken into account. Surprises can be very high on this segment!


Crosspoint significantly increases the accuracy of order preparation, and the time to perform operations improves.


The inventory period is very low. I was pleasantly surprised to find one of our customers that the investment in the Crosspoint solution was amortized in one year only from inventory costs.


Crosspoint provides an overview of the operations. Measures describing operator productivity, warehouse dynamics, and order volume allow you to quantify how the warehouse works and, more importantly, how it performs in relation to the objectives set.


Crosspoint Warehouse Management System (WMS) can help you improve worker efficiency, processes, and inventory accuracy (inventory) accuracy and efficiency. Customer service can be improved as a result of this gain of accuracy and efficiency.


Improved inventory (stock) accuracy allows you to perform low security inventory operations, allowing you to concentrate on the most productive and / or high-speed components.