Selgros Cash & Carry Romania is one of the most important players on the Romanian retail
market, with a national network consisting of 23 stores and a logistics platform. Selgros
mission is to offer a varied range of products daily, the guarantee of freshness and
professionalism, at the right price. Selgros Romania is actively involved in supporting local
communities and social responsibility projects, as well as promoting Romanian gastronomy,
through partnerships with food industry organizations and associations.

Selgros Cash & Carry is a company that is part of the Transgourmet group, fully controlled by
Coop Elvectia, which currently owns 80 Selgros stores. For more information you can access the

Project details

Client: Selgros
Implementation date: 2020
Field of activity: Retail
Company website: Selgros

Crosspoint implementation

Project features

The implementation of Crosspoint WMS within Selgros aimed to create an integrated and flexible system that could optimize and monitor logistics activity in three areas: the new fresh logistics platform (launched at the end of 2020), the distribution warehouses of the stores, as well as the goods reception from the store.

The three projects required the alignment of the implemented solution with the existing IT ecosystem as well as the focus on some critical functionalities in the activity:

  • Break-bulk Cross Docking and mixed stock/cross-dock deliveries;
  • Qualitative reception flow and traceability at parcel/piece level, batch, expiration date;
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and activity standards;
  • Packaging management;
  • Conveyor integration;
  • Transport planning flow integration, destination confirmation, returns management;
  • Mixed picking (warehouse – store);
  • Picking substitute articles;
  • Management of items of variable weight;
  • Management of supply orders and supplier delivery calendars;
  • Consolidate orders from areas with different storage temperatures.