F64 is the largest photo-video store concept in Southeast Europe, where you can find the latest news from the industry, but also the most diverse range of equipment at the highest quality. Photography, however, is not just about the equipment, so F64 creates dedicated content on the blog or YouTube channel, organizes workshops, events, courses and exhibitions hoping to unite a strong community through creation and education.

Project details

Client: F64
Implementation date: 2018
Field of activity: Distribution, Retail
Site: F64

Crosspoint implementation


Project features

The solution required to be implemented within F64 was the result of a careful analysis of the company’s business, both in the logistics, procurement, retail and e-commerce area. The difficulty of the project was the simultaneous migration with Crosspoint WMS implementation of the e-commerce platform selected by the company. This led to a multi-step project plan, conditional on the timeframe assumed by both partners. Adaptability, but above all the speed of response to challenges along the way, have been key elements that have ensured successful migration. Deploying central, stock and store depots could be accomplished by keeping each individual’s execution specificity and the associated order typology.

Standard and advanced features enabled:

  • Batch Picking
  • Milking
  • Checking integrated courier, invoice and warranty certificate
  • Consignment
  • E-Commerce platform platforms, ERP
  • Connector markets (eg: eMAG Marketplace)
  • Feed provider
  • Supply
  • RMA