Art and Craft

Art & Craft was established as a commercial company in 2005, following the identification of a demand for products that reflect the rich tradition of Romanian folk art. This niche segment of the market not being covered in the big shopping centers at that time. Thus, it was decided to open an own chain of stores that would offer to customers, both those from the country and tourists, handicrafts and folk art, as well as souvenirs.

Art & Craft is a producer and distributor of Romanian gifts, which include traditional products and souvenirs of Romanian inspiration. With over 20 years of experience in the field of Travel – Retail and presence at all airports in the country, Art & Craft has consolidated its position as a market leader in souvenir gifts. The company have accumulated a vast experience that is reflected in the unique way of making the products, in the arrangement of sales spaces, but especially in the services offered and in its own distribution system for the entire territory of Romania.

Project details

Client: Art & Craft
Implementation date: 2024
Field of activity: Retail
Site: Art & Craft

Crosspoint implementation

The implementation of the Crosspoint WMS solution within the Art & Craft company, started in 2023, represented an important step in streamlining the processes in our warehouse. In accordance with our specific needs and objectives, we carefully analyzed the existing logistics processes and opted for the customization of the solution to perfectly integrate with our already existing ERP system. The choice of this solution was driven by our desire to improve warehouse management, goods receipt process, packaging, labeling and stock optimization.
The advanced functionalities of the Crosspoint WMS system allowed us to monitor in real time the inflows and outflows of goods, manage the inventory accurately and significantly reduce human errors. The implementation of this system has had a significant impact on the performance of our warehouse, allowing us to streamline the overall activity and make prompt decisions based on current business needs.
The implementation of the Crosspoint WMS solution has been a notable success for us,contributing significantly to streamlining our warehouse processes and quickly adapting to industry requirements and changes. This solution has been essential in strengthening our position in Travel Retail and ensuring a pleasant and efficient shopping experience for our customers in all international airports.

Mioara Olteanu

General Manager

Project features

The project challenges were relatively complex, reflecting the dynamic and demanding nature of the Art & Craft operations:

  • Limited space: At the time of the initial go-live, the central warehouse faced a space limitation, in contrast to the large volume of items that had to be managed. This discrepancy required efficient management of space and processes to maximize its use.
  • Diversity of sales channels served: They had to be managed various sales channels including online platform, partner stores, indirect and direct distribution. This aspect imposes adaptability and flexibility in Art & Craft processes.
  • Management of own and purchased items from suppliers: managing both own and purchased items from suppliers required an integrated approach to efficient inventory and process management.
  • Limitations imposed by the existing ERP solution: The existing ERP solution imposed some limitations and restrictions regarding the implementation and integration of the WMS solution. This required careful management of compatibility and interoperability between systems.
  • The short time assign for initial implementation: the project had to be delivered within a short time frame, requiring rigorous planning and efficient execution to meet the established deadlines.


Despite these challenges, it was possible to successfully manage the implementation of the WMS solution, adapting to the specific requirements of the project and ensuring a successful end result.