Dacris Impex SRL has over 29 years of experience on the Romanian market.
It is not just a stationery, office and printing supplier, but a partner that offers solutions and integrated services for all spaces in a company: hygiene & cleaning, promotional products, protocol, interior design and work protection equipment.

More than 4 million people have used, at a given time, a product delivered by Dacris. Those from Dacris are proud that the products they deliver are used all over the country. They get wherever they are called and they do it in no time.

Project details

Client: Dacris
Date of implementation: 2022
Field of activity: Retail
Company website: Dacris

Crosspoint implementation

Project features

Diversity of sales channels, management of multiple items companies and optimizing the activity by introducing multiple strategies of picking were some of the reasons that led to the implementation of Crosspoint WMS within Dacris.

Standard and advanced features enabled:

  • Batch Picking
  • Livrări mixte produse packable/shippable
  • Checking
  • Integrare curieri
  • Consolidare comenzi per curier / flotă proprie