Alka Group was established in 1994 as a greenfield investment. At that time, Alka was the first company in Romania producing & distributing packaged, vacuumed and bagged ground coffee. Alka has since invested tens of millions of euros in technology and business development. Alka Group’s business covers many categories, with a presence throughout Romania and beyond.

Stretto – The Sharing Experience, the novelty proposed by Alka in 2008, offers complete and profitable solutions for any business, whether it is office space or restaurants, cafes, hotels etc.

Stretto’s vision is “To be recognized as an innovative challenger of the market, completely satisfying the expectations of our customers and consumers, creating value through ideas, products, services, through new ways of collaboration and communication with our customers and consumers.”

Project details

Client: Stretto
Implementation date: 2020
Field of activity:  Services
Site: Stretto

Crosspoint implementation

Project features

Stretto wanted and achieved through the Crosspoint WMS solution a high accuracy of the stock of materials and consumables, as well as the possibility of recording the activity carried out at the premises of its customers by the maintenance teams. The implemented solution allows the real-time recording of the consumptions made within the framework of mobile management and at the same time the tracking of the supply process at the supplier.

The reports module allows the analysis of types of interventions and the rotation of items at the stock level.