Crosspoint, our base product, is a robust, fully configurable system combining the newest technological advantages with the most complex methodologies and procedures that can be found in warehouses or storehouses of any dimension. Crosspoint is designed to maximize and automate to the maximum the data collection operations.


With multiple options for the ware management reception, delivery and moving as well as for package ordering, supply, transport and management processing, Crosspoint offers complete view of the warehouse operations minimum effort.


Crosspoint is designed to dynamically answer the needs of the companies acting in the fields of:
• distribution
• logistic operators
• services
• retail
• production (discrete and in a line)


Additionally, we designed Crosspoint to include dynamic monitoring functions, for the customers who desire a more comprehensive view over the operations carried on in the storehouse.


Crosspoint is designed for the firms that want to know more about the operations carried on in the storehouse with a view to their optimizing and, of corse, to their cost decreasing.


Crosspoint helps in the warehouse management, which is defined by us as a system able to follow up the stock from the storehouses by supplier (holder), product, area, location and proactively monitor the stock levels, locations, operators (employers) and performance indicators. The system may be configured to signal to the designated users when the set parameters are not compliant or tend to be non compliant.