Crosspoint is a real time warehouse management system (WMS), which incorporate last generation technology and functional characteristics.


Crosspoint may support as a standard any combination large/small, multi-holder, multi-warehouse, Pick-by-Zone / Pick-by-Order / Pick-by-Order Type, Wave Picking, from the beginning of the implementation, with no changes.


functionalitati wms


Warehouse features


Multiple warehouses
Multiple areas/storage
Descriptive information about the filing:
•  Name
•  Contact name
•  Address
•  Telephone/fax
•  E-mails alerting
Filing status and its cells (allocated or unallocated)
Features user-configurable processing orders between warehouses.
Using tracebility interdepozit and intradepozit.

Caracteristics of Area


The ability to divide the virtual or real storage areas
Features user-configurable in terms of picking sequence in the warehouse.
Physical restriction zones (temperature, height, maximum weight, classes of products supported)


functionalitati warehouse management system


Location features


Unlimited number of locations/warehouse
Unlimited number of items (SKUs) per location Multiple locations per item
Groups of similar locations per area Location description
Location traceability capability
Unlimited number of virtual cells
Location Stage (usable or unusable) Dimensions of location
Weight characteristics
The need to use special equipment for each location
Reports on available locations
Reports on overloaded locations
User-configurable features regarding the picking sequence within the warehouse or the area.


Characteristics of equipment used


Groupage cargo handling equipment inventory of equipment types
Stage equipment (used or unused)

Allocation of printers (areas, docks, etc.)


functionalitati ale wms


Multiple Holders Features


Supports multiple owners for the same item (SKU)
Separate reports for each ware owner
Keep owner’s specific information
Company name
Contact name
Telephone and fax     numbers
Email addresses
Alert addresses (email, phone, etc.)
Historical reports for each owner

Item identification features


Each item is uniquely identified per owner Identifying elements/SKU
Measurement unit and alternative measurement units (unlimited)
Storage measurement unit
Sale (delivery) measurement unit
Favorite storage locations

Features lot or serial number

Control of expiration date
Supply features
Composing identifiers (kitting)
Identifiers of hazardous materials
Handling equipment required